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  • Evandro: In this section you will find out why our surf school is the best option for those who really want to learn how to surf.
  • Who we are?: Get to know better our school methods and goals.
  • Equipments: Likewise our school, we use top quality equipment! See it for your self.
  • Photos: Check out photos from the past seasons and some of our instructors skills.
  • Testimonials: See what our learners has to say about our school and method.
  • Where we are?: If you are in doubt of how to get here, this is where you should be looking.
  • Services: Check out the suit of services we provide and chose the one that fits better your needs.
  • Tips & Tricks: Looking to improve your knowledge about the sport? Check out some tips and tricks to get you up to date.
  • Articles: Plenty articles about surf, its history, development and other curiosities. Here you'll find also some of our press releases.
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