Evandro Santos Surf School - Florianópolis  
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Evandro dos Santos

The structure of our school is based on Evandro dos Santos' experience, built on more than 20 years dedicated to surfing, thought his successful career at National and International competitions circuit. Now, he passes on his knowledge and skills through classes in his Surf School at Florianopolis, South Brazil.


Above: Evandro Santos

Native from Florianopolis, Santa Catarina state (home for some of the biggest names in surf today), Evandro began standing out in amateur competitions throughout Brazil. As an amateur, Evandro was named champion in Santa Catarina state in all categories: Minor, Junior, and Open - shared. In 1991, he won the Vice-Championship for Brazil in the Junior category.

During his professional career, Evandro earned a reputation as a dedicated athlete who could go head-to-head with any other biggest competitor on Brazilian Professional Circuit, and he went to the top of the professional ranking in 1997.

In searching of the perfect wave, we detach Fernando de Noronha, in Brazil, and Europe. In Portugal, included, he disputed and won the "Gotcha Algarve" Competition, the final stage of the Surf Regional circuit, and the 2nd Event of the Surf National Circuit Open/Lightning Bolt 2000.


Above: Evandro dos Santos

Based on this experience, Evandro Santos Surf School at Florianopolis is proving highly capable to teach practical and technical skills to anyone, whether First-Time surfers or experienced surfers looking to learn and to improve their skills.


Above: Evandro dos Santos


"Learning with someone who really knows! "