Evandro Santos Surf School - Florianópolis  
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Who are we ?

Pioneer in Santa Catarina, Evandro Santos' Surf School offers for who wants to learn how to surf a quick and practical teaching method that ensures good time and fun while learning to surf.

Our teaching method was developed by the professional surfer, instructor and shaper Evandro dos Santos, with more than 20 years dedicated to surf, including competitions and international travels in search of the perfect wave.



Our surf school has received students from Brazil and all over the world. During last years, Evandro Santos Surf School is applying new methods developed by Evandro. In a statistic way, we can say that 99% of our students stand up and ride a wave at the first class.


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If you would like to have specific information or if you would like to schedule your first class, please get in contact with us.
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Telephone: +55 (48) 3232 7753
Cellular: +55 (48) 99104 6867
E-mail: support@surfschoolbrasil.com

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"Learning with someone who really knows!"