Evandro Santos Surf School - Florianópolis  
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We provide the whole set of equipment required for the course, all constantly renewed, in order to ensure safety and the quality of your experience.

Our boards are real-life surfboards, all made of fiber - no foam fake boards. That's so that you can learn the practice as it is, to get the real feeling of surf!

Check out some of our equipment used during the classes:

  • Surfboards (fiber) of all sizes and shapes, and some of them are exclusive from the surf school;
  • Neoprene wetsuits and lycra sleeve rash guards of all sizes, for your protection against the sun and comfort in the water;
  • Paraffin wax proper for the water temperature;
  • Heavy-duty Leashes;
  • Professional digital camera for aquatic photos, operated by a professional photographer to document moments of your class.

Exclusive Surfboards

Our surfboards are made so you can surf. Many years of experience have proved that the surfboard used in the teaching class can determine how well the learner improves its technique. Thinking of that we have designed exclusive surfboards to make it easy the learning process and get to you the pleasure to ride the waves since your first lesson.


Above: "Test-drive" with our exclusive boards

The methodology developed by our school includes the use of different sizes and types of surfboards, so you can take the most out of your experience and find out which one adapts better with you.

" Learning with someone who really knows! "