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The Right Surfboard | by Evandro dos Santos

Surf School - 2006

Surf School - 2006

Its important to talk about the surfboard, for without it there would be no surf. Not many people know the right surfboard for each person’s level.

The ideal board is one that facilitates the improvement process, allowing you to enjoy during the practice. It's more related to your level than to your body’s size and weight. That is, if you surf for many years you will be able to use any board that supports your body weight, regardless of the board’s size and width. Nonetheless the beginner needs a equipment that is more appropriated for his/her reality.

There are three basic surfboard standards: long board, fun board and short board. However it’s not just the standard that matters, but the board’s characteristics for the person’s level.

A board to surf once a weak is different than a board to surf three times, for the more you practice, the higher is your perception; however it’s doesn’t mean also that, if you by a easier board, you will stop using it sooner, because the perception process and control of the board on the waves takes months or years, depending on your discipline.

The important thing is that you enjoy it, because you’ll naturally became aware of, understand and recognize you needs. When I’m at the beach I see clearly that the learners with the right board get much more waves and fall less then those with inappropriate equipment. These catch fewer waves and, when they do, have to try harder to stand on the board, so they get up and miss the balance point and fall. That also happens to professional surfers.

Many inexperienced people when go to a surf shops and up buying the wrong board, trading the joy of the sport for frustration, and those are going to have much more trouble learning. To the beginner it’s more interesting to get started in a proper surf school and learn all the theoretical and practical info about the surf universe. From there on you’ll be able to buy your surfboard and actually enjoy the surf experience.

When I started, 25 years ago, I had to learn by my self. Today everything is much easier, anyone can surf. Under the right guidance, with the right board, on the right wave, everyone can surf! In countries like Australia and United States of America, it’s common to see children, parents and even grandparents surfing together.

If you are in doubt about the right board to buy or to order your own talk to your shaper and ask him to see you surfing. Only knowing how you surf your shaper will be able to make the perfect board for you.

I hope one day we see whole families practicing the fascinating and charming sport that gives you health and chance lives through the its contact.

Doubts about the right board to you level get in touch with me that I’ll me ready to give you a piece of advice.

Evandro dos Santos – professional surfer and shaper.


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