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White Man Gets to Hawaii | by Alex Gutenberg

The kings used the bigger surfboards

One day the white man got to the islands. Along with his technology, religion, diseases and all sort of evilness they have spread thru out the world during the 18th century on it's search for land. Conquerors and missionaries, they freed the "primitive" from hell.

The first one to get to Hawaii was the famous british adventurer James Cook, in 1777. Cook him-self, besides the opposition of the majority of his crew, said he liked surf. He said it was a very "relaxing" activity.

Nevertheless, the missionaries, full of religious prejudice and concerned in spread their faith, instantly condemned that activity. According to them, the hawaiian people had a lazy life. Worst! They even said that surf was a sport for "bumbs" that weren't producing - a real need of the civilized european world by the time – and besides, people when surf are practically nude. It was probably a tremendous shock for the colonizers to cross with nude or semi-nude people. The european world wouldn't accept it. Consider, the traditional beach suite for women is a little more then 60 years old. Now think of it 200 years ago.

For more then one century, the white man brought "civilization" for the hawaiian people. This so called "progress" decimated the natives from the islands. In 1780 about 300,000 thousand people lived there. Early on the 20th century there wasn't more then 40,000. White man's way of life - full of tension and need for enrichment - and diseases got in chock with the easy and happy life that young descendents of polynesian that practiced the surf for the joy it brings, regardless of any ambition.


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